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Creating a Wedding Album

on Tuesday, 19 August 2014.

Just Married!

It's been nearly four years since Darren and I tied the proverbial knot in August 2010. Given that timeframe you'd be forgiven for thinking that I would have had plenty of opportunities to create a wedding album, but it's the one job that I've yet to get round to doing.

We have an enormous wealth of photographs from the day, our photographer Kelly stayed for the entire day and as such we have a wonderful selection of pictures from both the day and the evening. Not to mention the photos sent to us by friends and family as well as the dubious selection of images taken using the disposable cameras on each of the tables.

Perhaps it's the arrival of Zachary to the family and the subsequent photo printing marathon that's prompted me to reconsider creating a wedding album, or perhaps it's just that 'not having the time' isn't really cutting it as an excuse anymore. Whatever the reason I've started the process of narrowing down the 400+ photos from our professional photographers and those from our guests into a manageable selection to choose from.

I haven't visited Hobbycraft this much since our wedding, but there is such a great selection of papercraft items that it's the perfect destination for constructing a personal album. I'm hoping I'll also be able to include some of our wedding cards as well, as well as some other mementoes from the special day.

One of my concerns when printing anything at home is ensuring that the quality is as good as professionally printed photos. Apart from using quality and high-gloss photo papers, I have also learnt about the benefits of using genuine printer inks from manufacturers like Epson. The company even has several webpages explaining how I can save with their XL cartridges and with individual printer ink cartridges, and the difference between dye-based and pigment-based inks. To sum it up, many printer models today use pigment black ink and dye-based coloured inks so consumers like you and me can print documents as well as photos. But there are also printers which use just high-quality dye-based inks for printing brilliant colours with a high-gloss finish. The results are long-lasting professional-looking prints that I would be proud to display and share. 

I'm hoping that this project proves to be the ideal task for me to fit in around the 3am feeds and near constant nappy changing taking place at the moment. It also gives me the opportunity to break out my wedding craft kit again, someone pass me the PVA!

Our Wedding Day

Wedding Album Ideas
In essence, I want my wedding album to tell a story, our story, on the special day. Arranging pictures in such a way that they tell stories from the start of the day to the grand finale at night makes the most perfect sense. A blend of unique detail shots and group shots always work well for a wedding album too. Close-up images of my bouquet and my wedding gown, punctuated by shots of me and the ladies getting ready, or cropped images of the wedding cake and champagne glasses mixed with cheering guests can definitely add a creative flair to the wedding album.  I may also add our wedding vows and song lyrics in the background to add a personal touch.

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