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on Tuesday, 24 July 2012. Posted in A Bit About Me, Lifestyle


Last Thursday I arrived home from two days away to find our apartment letterbox overflowing. I assumed this was as a result of the colossal amount of junk mail we receive on a daily basis; but on this occasion the overspill was due to a rather large parcel from Urban Outfitters. And when I say large, I am not exaggerating – I have no idea how our postman managed to fit it through the letterbox, brute force and ignorance sheer determination I guess. Inside the parcel awaited the cutest, fluffiest most adorable soft toy dog I’ve ever seen – a wonderful surprise from my husband. Cue lots of squealing and gushing from me in the middle of the car park.

New Look, New Site

on Sunday, 01 July 2012. Posted in A Bit About Me, Lifestyle

The 'It' Guide 2011

The end of an era... and (hopefully) the beginning of a new one. Today I launched my new website and said goodbye to it's predecessor, which I designed in 2010. While I'm sad to see it go, I'm excited to get to work producing content for the new site.

I've changed the focus of the blog slightly and as a result I hope the content will be far more personal. I'm producing more video blogs alongside my traditional posts and I'm focusing on beauty, travel and lifestyle in addition to fashion.


on Monday, 16 January 2012. Posted in A Bit About Me, Lifestyle, Fashion

“I still can’t believe you write a fashion blog Helen”. A sentiment frequently expressed by my long-term friends and, if I’m honest, something that I find hard to believe myself. My teenage self-had very little interest in fashion, I did experiment with current trends (badly), but for the most part, I was happy and content in my Adidas three-stripe trousers and a white t-shirt – a mid-90s staple for most teens.

Me in my early teens

LOOK! A New Face on the Front Row

on Monday, 15 August 2011. Posted in A Bit About Me, Lifestyle

Trying to think ‘outside the box’ for my entry into Look Magazine’s bi-annual blogging competition led me down an interesting path. Having seen some great entries from other established fashion bloggers, I thought I’d prove why I should be on the front row by using my creativity to do something a little different...

LOOK! A new face on the front row

What Happens in Vegas… Goes on My Blog!

on Monday, 25 July 2011. Posted in A Bit About Me, Lifestyle

I like to think the title of this post justifies (in-part) my absence for the past few weeks. Although I’ve been back from the States for over a month, it’s taken me that long to organise myself and find some free time to start updating the site again.

I landed back in the UK a couple of days before the start our annual Partner Meeting, which is the busiest week of the year in my ‘actual job’, so that craziness kept my post-holiday blues at bay. Following on from that was my cousin’s wedding and immediately after was my soon-to-be sister-in-law’s hen weekend, which I was helping to organise. All these things combined pilfered away any spare time I had and left the site looking somewhat forlorn and abandoned. But thankfully, my schedule has eased slightly so I’m back to share some photos from my recent trip.

Wine in San Francisco

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