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She Who Has Everything...

Written by Helen Hackwell on Friday, 09 December 2011.

I feel the need to add a quick disclaimer to the start of this post just in case my husband reads this… ‘She who has Everything’ is in no way representative of me, indeed any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Now where was I…

If you’re anything like me, the Christmas season inspires feelings of festive joy tinged with fear and panic over gifts you’ve yet to buy and the inevitable question… what do you buy the person who has everything?! So you can imagine how thrilled I was to discover that Boticca have taken the time to put together a selection of comprehensive gift guides to cover all types of personalities and styles.

Boticca is already a brilliant resource for buying the person that has everything, something. All of their items are made by independent designers, so you really are purchasing something unique and unusual as well as resting easy in the knowledge that you’re helping to support up and coming designers. But the gift guides go one step further and help out those of us that who are looking for inspiration along the way.

I decided to have a look through all of their guides and then I tried to decide which style I thought I belonged in. Although I loved the statement pieces in the ‘Girl About Town’ guide, and I felt the desire to travel the world whilst browsing the eclectic pieces in the ‘Globetrotter’ guide, it was the items in the ‘She who has Everything’ category that stood out to me the most… Oh dear!

Despite the name of the guide being a little too close to home, I soon realised that I can’t possibly be the girl who has everything, because I don’t have the beautiful Filigree Bracelet by Julie Tuton. A gorgeous delicate cuff that would make the perfect Christmas gift for any woman who loves her statement jewellery, pair it with a simple outfit to really make it shine.

Julie Tuton's Filigree Bracelet

This particular bracelet was always going to stand out to me as I'd noticed it on the site a couple of months ago and featured it in my blog post introducing Boticca, it truly is a gorgeous piece of jewellery.

So as a girl who most certainly doesn’t have everything, I think I’ll be able put together a comprehensive list for Santa this year, with the filigree bracelet at the top of the list!


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