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Not Restrained, Just Limited

Written by Helen Hackwell on Wednesday, 04 July 2012.

I’m a fad addict. No, I’m not getting confused with the vernacular alternative for cigarette; I simply mean I go through shopping fads – like many women I imagine. Earlier in the year it was Zara, prior to that it was all about Topshop and during the sales, I’m obsessed with French Connection.

My current fad is slightly different; gone is the needy desire to own an item from every different trend regardless of fit or style, instead I choose pieces that I think suit me and my body shape. This recent epiphany has led me back to one of my childhood shopping haunts, namely, Marks & Spencer.

Never cast aside totally from my shopping sphere (every woman knows to get her knickers from M&S), but never visited regularly, Marks & Spencer seemed forgotten about by my generation of 20-something wannabe yuppies. But how the tides have changed, I no longer deem a shopping trip complete without a trip to my local M&S store. Why all this new found enthusiasm for a store that I once coined ‘Mums & Spencer’ – I simply can’t get enough of their Limited Collection.

Over the past three months I’ve bought no less than four dresses from their Limited Collection – all flattering and all true-to-size. It’s an obsession that has clearly been noted by my friends and family if the amount of M&S gift cards I received on my birthday is anything to go by. And it’s not showing any sign of waning – I’ve already been on their website twice today to check out the latest arrivals.

I don’t wish to bore you to death with an essay discussing my new Limited dress collection, so in true fashion-blogger style here are some outfit photos instead.

Limited Collection Shoulder Stud Lace DressLimited Collection Scoop Neck Plain DressLimited Collection Elasticated Waist Plain DressLimited Collection Abstract Print Pleated Dress

  • Dress number one was a birthday present from my wonderful parents, the cardigan is also from M&S (albeit not from their Limited Collection) and the wedge boots are last season from Oasis.
  • The second dress was actually my second ‘Limited’ purchase and I’ve paired that with some black suede boots, my favourite necklace and a decorative jacket from Sainsburys.
  • Dress number three is the most recent addition to my collection and is a replica of the previous black dress in orange. The top I’m wearing over it is from Zara and my necklace is from designer Anton Heunis.
  • Last in this line up, but actually bought before any of the others is my favourite printed garb. The cardigan and boots are the same as before and the necklace is from Mimco.

In addition to the dresses above I'm also the proud owner of a pair of ‘twinkle’ jeans. I wanted to keep this post focused on the dresses, but I have filmed a video showcasing all the items I own from the Limited Collection, so keep a look out for that over the next couple of days.

I think this particular fad might be here to stay.

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