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Maternity Style - 40 Weeks Pregnant

Written by Helen Hackwell on Friday, 05 September 2014.

Maternity Style at 40 Weeks Pregnant

“I’ll absolutely be able to continue blogging regularly once I have the baby”… said a very naïve person a little over two months ago. That foolish individual was me and as it turns out, it’s not quite as easy as I thought (understatement of the year). I’m not going to bore you with reasons why I've found it difficult to keep up-to-date with the blog in addition to looking after Zachary, I’ll save those type of discussions for my regular NCT meet-ups - which have proved to be a vital communication channel that allows me to moan about lack of sleep, contents of nappies etc… without alienating all of my non-parent friends.

This post is now officially two months overdue, thankfully I was only three days overdue when I went into labour, which as it turned out was actually the day after I took the photos for what would prove to be the last of my maternity style posts. My final outfit was nothing adventurous, we were in the midst of the early summer heat wave and I had already started to experience the early signs of labour, so as a result I was in no mood to spend a great deal of time meticulously planning an outfit.

Top from Next

My top is from Next and although it’s not a maternity top, it was stretchy enough to allow me to wear it at 40 weeks pregnant. I bought it with the justification that I’d be able to wear it post-pregnancy, but I hadn't factored in breastfeeding… another pet peeve that I spend a lot of time whinging to my NCT friends about.

Moving swiftly on, the jeans were my standard pregnancy attire from New Look along with my ballet pumps from Next, which were the only shoes that fitted me comfortably from about 36 weeks onwards. Lastly my necklace is from Oasis, I wore it during the evening party at our wedding and came across it recently when sorting out some of the boxes we had stored in the garage.

Since I wasn't feeling my best when these photos were taken, I didn't take a ream of hundreds of photos as I would normally do, so to pad this out and to celebrate the end of my maternity style posts I thought I’d share some of my favourite outfits from the past nine months!

Maternity Style at 37 Weeks Pregnant

37 Weeks Pregnant

Maternity Style at 35 Weeks Pregnant

35 Weeks Pregnant

Maternity Style at 33 Weeks Pregnant

33 Weeks Pregnant

Maternity Style at 30 Weeks Pregnant

30 Weeks Pregnant

Maternity Style at 29 Weeks Pregnant

29 Weeks Pregnant

It's been a fascinating nine months and I've really enjoyed the style challenges that being pregnant has presented, but I'm equally thrilled to be able to start wearing some of the rest of the contents of my wardrobe again... breastfeeding permitting... sigh!

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