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Maternity Style - 30 Weeks Pregnant

Written by Helen Hackwell on Wednesday, 16 April 2014.

Maternity Style at 30 Weeks Pregnant

This week’s maternity look is a little bit different from my previous ones, mainly because it doesn't actually feature any maternity clothes at all - proving once and for all there’s no pregnancy-related outfit dilemma that cannot be solved with an extra bit of elastic!

Sunshine and Smiles

I was brave and opted for another photo shoot in our garden - slightly less ashamed this time round as we had actually spent some time attempting to spruce it up (aka mowed the lawn), so we could make the most out of any unexpected sunshine. Of course the moment we finished the sun promptly disappeared, but that’s almost to be expected in the UK.

Photo Shoot in the Garden

The dress is yet another Sainsbury’s purchase (I should honestly ask them if they want to sponsor these posts from now on), it was ripped-off from inspired by my lovely friend Claire (aka Desperate Blogwife) who was wearing it when we met up a couple of weeks ago. She commented to me how comfy it was and reckoned that it would fit me now despite my pregnancy and she was right, it absolutely does. I’m especially pleased as it means I will be able to continue to wear it post-pregnancy and it’s one of the most comfortable maxi dresses I own.

Relaxing on the Decking

My cardigan is from Phase Eight, back in the early part of last year I filmed a video showcasing some of their spring/summer collection and as a thank you they allowed me to keep a couple of the pieces, one of which was this delightful blush pink cardigan.

Jimmy Choo Shadow Bag

The Jimmy Choo bag is called ‘Shadow’ and was an unusual choice for me, but one I certainly don’t regret, the pearlised pink colour looks absolutely beautiful in the sunshine.

Next Sandals

Finally, my sandals are from Next, I bought them around this time last year and was delighted over the weekend to be able to break them out of my ‘summer shoes’ box ready for the brighter weather.

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Dusky Pink Shadow Bag

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