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How I Wore... Trainer Wedges

Written by Helen Hackwell on Tuesday, 11 September 2012.

Ash - Black Taupe and Winter Red Suede Bowie Wedge Trainers

Since the beginning of 2012 I’ve wanted to own a pair of Ash’s Bowie Wedge Trainers. Normally I like to consider an extravagant purchase for a few weeks before making it, but this is the first time I’ve taken nine months to make a decision. This lengthy indecision was a result of the customary question I apply to all fashion trends, “will it/they suit me?”, and in this case I wasn’t sure that they would.

Sports luxe is a trend that I really love… on other people… it’s just not something that I can see working for me. I felt the same way about the trainers; I loved them when I saw other people wearing them, but I just couldn’t decide whether I could pull them off. 

Maybe it’s a result of the Olympics buzz, or maybe it’s due to the slight shifting of sports luxe away from shiny fabrics, baggy cropped clothes and sportswear to a more refined vibe featuring bold colours and relaxed silhouettes that has caused me to rethink my stance on this evolving trend. Whatever the reason, I’ve begun to see how I could incorporate various pieces into my AW12 wardrobe and as I had some loyalty points saved up with my-wardrobe.com I thought I’d put them to good use and invest in a pair of Ash’s Bowie wedges.

I ‘unboxed’ them (YouTube terminology) on camera, so you can take a look at that exciting(!) moment here: http://www.theitguide.co.uk/unboxing-ash-trainer-wedges

My biggest concern with these trainers is that I’d been admiring them on the likes of Miranda Kerr, i.e. a 6ft plus supermodel with never-ending legs. Unfortunately for me at 5ft 6in… and a size 14 that didn’t seem to add up to the same result, but never mind, there’s always Photoshop.

Given my initial concerns I was actually quite pleased when I started styling some outfits wearing my new winter red suede wedges. They worked well with both skinny jeans and dresses – which is useful given that my wardrobe consists predominantly of dresses and jeans… I put together four possible outfits; the first two looks are an attempt to add a bit of ‘sports edge’ to a girly ensemble. The third is styled with skinny jeans and a tailored blazer and the fourth with a basic printed tee.

Outfit Styling with Trainer Wedges

The real beauty of these trainers is their ability to lengthen your legs, if, like me, you’re not a towering supermodel then the hidden wedges will help no end to make your legs look that little bit longer. They’re also amazingly comfortable, so I know I’ll have no problem wearing them all day long. Overall I’m delighted that I went ahead and bought a pair, the question now is do I buy them in another colour?!

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