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Case In Point

Written by Helen Hackwell on Tuesday, 03 January 2012.

I recently noticed my penchant for starting a new post with an apology for not updating my blog more regularly. I think it’s safe to say that over the past few months finding the time to blog and update this site has proved to be a bit of a quandary. I’m hoping the New Year will bring a new efficiency to my day-to-day life, thus freeing up time to spend updating the site and keeping in touch with my fellow fashion bloggers and visitors. And if improved efficiency isn’t an option, would it be possible to have an extra hour in the day…?!

Anyway, enough excuses from me.

Not so long ago my husband strolled cavalierly into our living room and announced that he had a surprise. Curious by my very nature I was on my feet in an instant and querying him to find out what the surprise was. And to my delight he handed me a very distinctive box, featuring an apple on the side.

Having avoided the tablet craze for the best part of 18 months, I was secretly desperate to own one, but wasn’t entirely sure what I’d use it for, a conundrum that I know many people have struggled with. But now I have one, I can’t imagine how I ever managed before.

Needless to say, my burning desire to own an iPad has now been replaced by the equally scorching desire to own a fabulous case to keep it in. And having spent a good 2-3 hours trawling around my favourite online boutiques, I’ve successfully compiled a list of eight gorgeous iPad cases that I’d love to own:

iPad Cases

1. Reed Krakoff - Leather iPad Case, 2. Anya Hindmarch - Patent Leather-Trimmed iPad Case, 3. Christian Louboutin - Cris Studded Leopard-Print Calf Hair iPad Case, 4. Diane by Diane von Furstenberg - iPad Case

iPad Cases

1. Gucci - Monogrammed Leather iPad Sleeve, 2. Jil Sander - Wristlet Strap iPad Case, 3. Jimmy Choo - Tyler Glitter-Finished Leather iPad Sleeve, 4. Miu Miu - Studded Leather iPad Sleeve

I don’t normally like to choose favourites, but in this case (pun absolutely intended), the glittery Jimmy Choo one takes the biscuit. Which is your favourite?


Comments (4)

  • Emily


    05 January 2012 at 11:41 |
    I love the Mui Mui studded case - is it wrong that I now want to add studs to be lovely red leather case that my boyfriend bought me??!! :) xx
  • Sarah-Leigh


    05 January 2012 at 13:13 |
    I must say the Louboutin case wins it for me! ASOS have a lot of great cheap alternatives too, picked me up a bright yellow faux snakeskin envelope last year!

    Sarah x
  • theitguide


    05 January 2012 at 18:33 |
    Emily - I'm sure a few studs wouldn't be a bad thing, is your case the red one from M&S that you posted a picture of, it's lovely!! xx

    Sarah - I'm off to take a look at ASOS, probably more in my price range :o) xx
  • Emily


    16 January 2012 at 16:08 |
    Yes, the M&S one! Still thinking about studding it - will let you know if I do. Not sure what the boyf would think! xx

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