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Aamaya by Priyanka

Written by Helen Hackwell on Friday, 07 October 2011.

I hold Grazia magazine and my-wardrobe.com culpable for my latest obsession. Back in May I was cheerfully flicking through a copy of Grazia when I spotted this ring in their weekly fashion chart:

Aamaya by Priyanka Breakthrough Breast Cancer Ring

Before I’d even found out who the designer was, I had made up my mind that I wanted one!

After I’d gathered my thoughts and actually read the text that accompanied the picture, I discovered it was from Aamaya by Priyanka and this particular design was their Breakthrough Breast Cancer ring. According to Grazia they were available from my-wardrobe.com, so I quickly grabbed my laptop to check if they were still in stock, and to my dismay, they were sold out…

I was heartbroken. The more I can't have something, the more I want it – something that I’m sure we’ve all experienced. But never one to be defeated, I requested to be emailed if they got any more in stock and then sat back and waited patiently. And sure enough a couple of weeks later, just before we left to go on our trip to America, I received an email from my-wardrobe.com to tell me they had more of the ring in stock. Two minutes later, I had bought it!

I should just add that in April I had won a £500 voucher from my-wardrobe.com, which is why I felt I could justify buying this ring as a bit of a whim purchase. As a general rule I’m not particularly frivolous and would normally spend a lot of time deciding whether or not to buy something like this.

I wore it for the first time in Heathrow Airport when we were getting ready to leave for our holiday. The first comment I had was from a sales assistant in the duty free shop, who remarked how much he liked it. The second comment was from a waitress in a San Francisco restaurant where we were having our tea (still the same day, albeit a long day!), she noticed it and commented how unique it was.

Needless to say, since I’ve owned this ring, I had comments about it almost every time I worn it. Especially from my friend Lucy, who has always told me how much she likes it and even borrowed it when we went to London Fashion Week.

It was her 30th birthday last week and I’d already spent quite a bit of time debating what to get her, when it suddenly occurred to me how much she would love an Aamaya ring. After a bit of an issue with the delivery (I won’t bore you with the details, suffice it to say my-wardrobe.com sorted everything out) her ring arrived and she loved it!

This is the ring and it is still available from my-wardrobe.com

Aamaya by Priyanka Ring

However, I will admit that it took some serious strength of character to hand over her ring, as I also loved it! But I’m sure she’ll let me borrow it… although maybe I should have put that in the card... :)


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