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Finding the Perfect Dress

on Wednesday, 29 January 2014.

Finding the Perfect Dress

Trends are constantly evolving yet many will instantly dismiss such trends due to fears of not suiting the attire at stake. However, the more we see these trends - be it on the runway, on a friend or draped across the torso of a passer-by - the more we want to try out such styles for ourselves. 

However, there are a few rules to consider when it comes to finding the perfect dress.

Know Your Shape
From pear shape and apple shape to curvaceous or slim; we all boast a unique figure. It’s therefore important to dress in attire that has been designed to flatter your shape. 

It’s pointless choosing an outfit that has been created to flatter only the slimmest of individuals, especially when you boast a petite figure with curves in all the right places.

Dress for the Occasion
There is a different dress for every occasion and if you wish to feel confident at a particular event, it’s wise to learn of the dress code in advance. For example, a black tie occasion will require more formal attire whilst a summer wedding will require something brighter and lighter. 

There are a number of desirable dresses available today which makes finding the right one an easy task.

Be Bold
You should never shy away from a certain colour or pattern if you feel it suits your skin tone. If you’re the kind of individual to own a multitude of little black dresses in a variety of cuts and designs, maybe the New Year is the time to break out of this mould. 

However, if you’re not quite brave enough to don some of this season’s super hot hues, add colour and detail with accessories in the shape of jewellery, heels and a clutch instead.

The Fit
Take a good look at your body and decide on your best asset. This will make choosing a dress a great deal easier. For example, if your legs are the envy of every friend and family member, opt for a cut that finishes above the knees but which boasts a higher neckline. Remember - less is more!

Opt for a Versatile Number
If your budget is limited, try and invest in a style suited to a variety of occasions. Opt for a modest hue and instead of patterns and print go for a simple style. 

Teaming such an outfit with flats, heels, blazers, belts and accessories will allow you to create a different look each and every time.

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