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Autumn Jewellery: Chic Is Cheap

on Wednesday, 21 October 2015.

Shopping the trends in fashion catalogues and even at local malls and boutiques can quickly become a frustrating process. This is because many of the looks that dominated discussions on seasonal fashion ultimately wind up being prohibitively expensive. It's as if they're designed exclusively for celebrities and other figures willing to spend thousands on an autumn coat or pair of boots.

There are plenty of exceptions, and as we progress toward the autumn and winter end of 2015, one such exception applies to an entire category of fashion: the hottest jewellery of the season is, for the most part, excitingly affordable!

Necklaces: Casual As Can Be
Some of this season's necklace trends are so casual that you could just about get by with a long piece of string looped through a seashell as your signature item. That's a bit of a stretch (though still not the worst idea!), but Harper's Bazaar'slineup of autumn jewellery does put a great deal of emphasis on the return of the dangling pendant. Naturally, that lineup featured high-end versions of this idea from the likes of Gucci and Chloe. However, you can find a stylish, unique pendant necklace at most any boutique, often with thin chains and modest ornaments that keep the look terrific without driving up the price.

Rings: Style Over Substance
Rings, too, are proving to be leaning toward casual and away from high-end prices. Just to be clear, diamonds and other gemstones, as well as rich gold designs, will always be popular, and you'll certainly see some pieces in this range out and about this season. But a page on ring styles at Lyst clarifies just how many beautiful alternatives there are to genuine gems and the like. Casual crystals and geo stones feature prominently, and plenty of rings look terrific merely thanks to designs cut right into their surfaces, or even unique shapes and fits. The overall impression is that while super expensive jewellery will still be popular, this season it's more about how it looks than what it costs.

Earrings: Size Matters
Glamour cited "statement earrings" as the dominant style in ear accessories this season, and in doing so showcased some pretty wonderful oversized options. And really this is representative of a movement toward bigger and bolder earrings that's taking place in accessory collections from top to bottom. Whether you're looking at major metallic ornaments (as Glamour showed), drop floral imitations, or even some of the light and playful tassels that are making the rounds in 2015, bigger earrings are the way to go. And this is one area of fashion in which size can save you money, given that smaller, more delicate earrings tend to require genuine stones to stand out!

It's not too often that this many trends line up so nicely with budget shopping. In fact, this wasn't even intended to be a budget-based write-up! But it just so happens that what's chic in jewellery for the latter half of 2015 is also quite affordable.

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