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Outfit of the Day - LFW AW11 Day 1

on Saturday, 19 February 2011. Posted in London Fashion Week, Outfits, Fashion

Just a quick update from me to include a photo of what I wore yesterday. I've got a load of other photos from yesterday's shows which I will try and upload later today.

I had a great day at my first ever London Fashion Week, bit nervous to begin with as I didn't know what to expect. But I soon found my feet and met up with some fellow bloggers; including Amanda from the Online Stylist, who joined me for lunch and then got interviewed by Grazia about her views on feminism... it was the most interesting lunch I've had in a long time!

Anyway, here's what I wore on day one of LFW AW11:

LFW AW11 - What I Wore Day 1

Rescue Me

on Tuesday, 08 February 2011. Posted in London Fashion Week, Fashion


It’s been an exciting start to the day here at The ‘It’ Guide towers. Not only have I received my first ‘proper’ (aka non-digital) LFW invitation (thanks Caroline Charles), but I’ve also had a visit from DHL bringing me some added fashion delight courtesy of my-wardrobe.com.

My-wardrobe.com very kindly came to my rescue and saved me from further style fretting by offering to lend me some of their delectable essentials for my use during LFW.

London Fashion Week

on Tuesday, 25 January 2011. Posted in London Fashion Week, Fashion

A brief, but excited blog post to report that I will be attending my first ever London Fashion Week in February!

I’ve been positively lime green with envy reading other people’s LFW coverage in the past, so I can’t wait to be one of the proverbial LFW bloggers myself.

I have no doubt that I’ll give myself a minor aneurysm deciding what to wear, but nevertheless it’s going to be a great few days. My-wardrobe.com have already come to my rescue and offered to lend me some items, now I just need to choose them – a separate blog post is needed for that much stylish indecision!


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