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Liquid Gold Review

Written by Helen Hackwell on Monday, 11 November 2013.

Anne de Jeunesse Liquid Gold

Cleanse, tone, moisturise... three little words that were driven into my head with such frequency during my younger years that I've pretty much based my entire skincare routine around them ever since. As the years have gone by, I've begun to add more products to the basic three I started with. My daily moisturiser was switched to one with an SPF factor over ten years ago, night cream was added shortly thereafter, eye cream was incorporated three years ago and last but not least, rosehip oil completed the party.

It was the addition of rosehip oil that made me review the products that I was using on a daily basis. My biggest frustration was finding a quality skincare brand that didn't centre solely on anti-aging, I may be 30 years old, but I still don’t feel my skin warrants a dedicated anti-aging solution and it certainly didn't five years ago. It’s into this gap in the market that a new skincare brand has strategically placed itself, Anne de Jeunesse is a straight-forward, premium skincare range, designed to help simplify the beauty routines of 20-something women. They have a range of products from multifunction facial creams to cleansing milks and masks, all of which are accessibly priced between £15 and £26.

Liquid Gold Packaging

For the past week I've had the privilege of trying one of their ‘hero products’; the Liquid Gold serum-oil. This dry-textured, delicately perfumed serum oil is for all skin types, it not only helps to nourish and tone the skin but also adds gloss to hair and even strengthens nails. The real beauty of this product for me is that it sits somewhere between an oil and a serum. Prior to this week, I had always used my rosehip oil at night and had used a serum before applying my make-up as I found using an oil caused my foundation to cake. This product soaks into my skin beautifully and provides the perfect base for my foundation as well as my night-time face products.

Liquid Gold Bottle

I've been using this everyday as part of my normal routine, in the evening I apply it after toning and before moisturising and in the morning I apply it before my make-up. Apart from the rather lovely fragrance of this product, my favourite feature is actually the silky texture, it feels beautifully smooth to apply and brightens my skin instantly. Although it will take more than a week to notice the long-term differences this makes to my skin, I can categorically say that it helped save me from ‘Rudolph syndrome’ last week. I woke up last Monday with a severe case of woman-flu and normally this would lead to a bright red nose 36-48 hours later. However, I managed to avoid it completely this time round and I can only attribute it to rich amounts of Vitamin E contained in the serum - a hero product indeed!

Liquid Gold Serum-Oil

With its bright a colourful branding, straightforward range of products and affordable price points, I have no doubt that the Anne de Jeunesse range will fit perfectly into the market gap for a high-quality skincare range for the younger generations. For more information visit www.gorgeousshop.co.uk or follow @_annedejeunesse on Twitter.

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