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ghd Style & Protect Set

Written by Helen Hackwell on Tuesday, 03 September 2013.


If 1980s hairstyles ever make a comeback, I'm all over it. My hair left unstyled for any length of time starts to resemble Jon Bon Jovi's in his heyday with remarkable accuracy. Not to mention the increasing frequency in which I drag my hair into top knot only to find out later that it’s fallen out and turned into a dubious side ponytail...

ghd Paddle Brush

It was then, with great pleasure that I accepted an offer from ghd to trial their Style & Protect Set and see whether I could coax my hair into a presentable style after it had been tied back for the best part of a day.

ghd Sprays

The Style & Protect Set comes with a large paddle brush, two sprays and two sectioning clips (always useful) and describes itself as being ‘everything you need for hair perfection in a gorgeous gift box’.


Step one was to comb through my tangled web of hair using the paddle brush. I stopped using a ‘proper’ brush over a year ago due to the amount of hair it seemed to collect when I used it, but I’m pleased to report that I had no such problem with this brush - perhaps to do with the sheer size of the brush and the opportunity to space the needles further apart. In actual fact, this brush did a little too well at detangling and separating my hair... leaving me looking like a distant relative of Cousin Itt (rebrand required - The ‘Itt’ Guide...?!).

Cousin Itt!

Post-itt (hah!) impression I tried out the Style Straight & Smooth Spray before I began to style my hair with my own ghd straighteners. This spray works on both damp and dry hair and offers you protection against the heat of styling.


The sectioning clips (there are two in the set) helped to keep my hair organised whilst I styled it with the straighteners. I’m pretty impressed at how much hair they managed to keep pinned back as I normally end up with about half-a-dozen clips stuck here, there and everywhere when I use my straighteners.


When I was done adding some gentle waves to my hair, I used the Style Final Shine Spray as a finishing touch to add a glossy shine and keep my hair in place. I actually ended up using more than I should of this spray (largely because I was trying to get a good photo), but when used in moderation it adds a wonderful sheen to your hair without weighing it down.


And for the finished look I pinned back the top layers of my hair and admired the results - not as professional as one of the ghd hairstyles, but not bad I thought, given what I'd started with!


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