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All Spas Are Equal Before Fish

Written by Helen Hackwell on Monday, 31 January 2011.

I recently spent a delightful Saturday with my friend Lucy, indulging in a girly day with a little pampering, plenty of chatting and lots of cake - mmmm Hummingbird Bakery.

We started the day at the Anesis Spa in South London, where we both had a fish pedicure. The Anesis Spa only recently opened and since then has had a stream of celebrities (?!) passing through its doors. I proudly announced this to my husband, only for him to decide to look up which famous faces had been gracing this marvellous new spa. The first picture he found was of Amy from The Only Way is Essex... so that immediately ended my boasting about sharing the same tank as a famous celeb.

Anesis Fish Spa

Anesis Fish Spa

Anyway, despite the unfortunate associations with dubious reality TV stars, the Anesis Spa is simply lovely. The sensation of the fish is a little unnerving at first, but I was easily distracted after a couple of minutes when I was handed my glass of champagne. Simple things...

Anesis Fish Spa

Anesis Fish Spa

We sat with our feet in the tanks for about 30mins, at which point we were whisked away to the sofas to have our feet massaged and toes polished! All in all a great experience and very relaxing... until a large group of girls (and token gay friend) arrived and started screeching when they had to put their feet in the tanks. Any ‘inner-peace’ I may have managed to find was quickly destroyed after their arrival.

Anesis Fish Spa

Anesis Fish Spa

Post fishy-pedicures we had a wander around Somerset House and went to see the Matthew Williamson exhibition – this also gave me a chance to work out where I’d need to be for LFW. After being defeated by the cake at the Hummingbird Bakery we had a meander about Westfield and finished the day having dinner with my husband, which put a dramatic stop to all girly gossiping!

I wish every Saturday could be this jam-packed, although, I’d probably need an extra Sunday to recover!


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